what we do
We are a community of oil and gas exploration and production companies active on the UKCS who come together to share knowledge and experience of the UKCS business and regulatory climate and to press for changes where appropriate.

what does it cost
It depends on whether you have a full licence or
if you only have (a) Promote Licence(s).
Promote licenceholders pay £250 p.a.
As soon as you hold a full licence the rate is £500 p.a.


who are our members
Our Members tend to be either small UK exploration
companies (many originating via the Promote initiative) or
UK subsidiaries of larger foreign organisations which invest
in the UKCS along with seismic and infrastructure companies too.

when & where do we meet
We hold approx. 6 meetings per year, normally at the Geological Society, Piccadilly apart from our Christmas luncheon. Meetings start at 11am and end by 12.30 with a buffet lunch provided. AGM is also held once a year to approve accounts and elect board members.

who can join
You have to be a current UKCS licence holder. You can be an
exploration operator or a non-operating investor. If you grow so that you become a UKCS production operator you can stay on as a member. We will consider membership applications from small producers.

What does this pay for
We keep administration costs to a  minimum. We are lucky in getting help with essential functions on a pro-bono basis. We sometimes need to pay for professional or other services in pursuit of our agreed goals. We pay for lunches, hire of rooms, etc. at our meetings out of funds.